Deron Williams has bone spurs in ankle

11/02/2012 12:40 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro
Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams confirmed on Wednesday that he has bone spurs in his left ankle, but he will play through the injury before possibly facing surgery in the off-season.

Last week, Williams was diagnosed with synovitis (inflamed tissue) in the ankle, and was given a cortisone injection. An MRI done confirmed the spurs, but according to Nets general manager Billy King, the injection worked and the injury is “manageable,” so Williams will play through it.

Williams himself said he expects to be fine.

"I think probably the majority of athletes have bone spurs that they deal with at some point in their career," Williams said Wednesday during an appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “I don't know if I'll have to have surgery. I'm just saying that might be something that happens after the season. But as far as right now, my ankle feels like new since I got the shots, so hopefully I won't have to have any surgery at all."

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