Pete Rose: Jeter won't break hits record

10/10/2012 11:24 AM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Pete Rose doesn't think Derek Jeter will reach 4,256 hits.(AP)
Derek Jeter has 3,304 career hits, 952 shy of tying Pete Rose’s all-time best mark of 4,256. Ever since he became DJ3K, talk has shifted to whether or not The Captain can reach 4,000 and beyond, and now there’s at least one man on record saying it won’t happen: Charlie Hustle himself.

“I don’t think he will break the record,” Rose told author Joe Posnanski recently, according to a report on “I don’t think he wants to leave the Yankees, and they’re about winning. Jeter had a great year this year, but he’s what, 38 years old? And he’s a shortstop? How many 40-year-old shortstops you see walking around?”

Jeter led MLB with 216 hits, 683 at-bats, and 740 plate appearances this year, but as Rose told Posnanski, he thinks “time is running out” on The Captain.

“He still needs 950 hits, right? He had a great year this year, but you think he can do that again at 39?,” Rose asked. “Let’s say he gets 200 more hits next year, and let’s say he gets 200 more hits when he’s 40, though I don’t think he can. OK, can he get 200 more hits when he’s 41? You think he can?”

Rose’s final 200-hit season came in 1979 – when he was the same age as Jeter is now, 38. “Charlie Hustle” went on to knock 884 hits from 1980-86 (with a high of 172 coming in 1982 at age 41), but while he was willing to compare himself to Jeter as a hitter, the all-time leader said that he doesn’t believe The Captain’s body will hold up.

“I don’t think he can get 200 more hits at 41, but let’s say he does. OK, now he’s 42. He’s gonna get 200 more hits then? At 42? Let me tell you, I’ve been there, the body locks up,” Rose said. “Jeter’s a great hitter. I’d say he hits like I did. But he’s gonna get 200 hits when he’s 42? I don’t think he will. And even if he does all that, he’s still 150 hits short.”

Age-wise, Rose had 3,372 hits on the day he turned 39; Jeter’s 39th birthday is June 24, 2013, and The Captain can tie Rose in that department by recording 68 hits in the Yankees’ first 76 games next season.

In 2012, Jeter recorded his 68th hit on May 28 (in team game no. 48) and had 97 hits through 76 games.

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