Mike's On Recap: Alex Rodriguez

10/05/2012 7:00 PM ET
By Staff

As they awaited the winner of the Wild Card Playoff game, the New York Yankees took part in a light workout at Yankee Stadium on Friday evening. Prior to that workout, Alex Rodriguez took some time out of his day to chat with the media, making an appearance on Mike's On with Mike Francesa on WFAN and the YES Network.

Rodriguez had a lot to say during his chat with Francesa, and was certainly in a focused but jocular mood from the get-go – asking Mike at the outset about his hometown Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat before launching into all things Bronx Bombers.

In case you missed it, here are some snippets from A-Rod's appearance:

On the Yankees' Chase for 28: "Winning the World Series is the goal, and we need to sell out for 11 games. We’re getting healthy at the right time, it’s great to have the likes of Pettitte and Teixeira back, and obviously Ichiro has been a humongous shot in the arm for us. He does a little bit of what Johnny (Damon) used to do for us in the two slot, and as I’ve always said, on an offensive team, that’s the most important spot because it’s a bridge between The Captain and the middle of the order. "

On his own health: "I feel as healthy as I've felt all year. For me, it's been kind of an incomplete year for a lot of reasons, and I felt I got hurt at a really bad time because we were playing great baseball. But I feel good, and we have our most important baseball ahead of us. ... I think when I'm healthy, I can be as dangerous as ever."

On the furious end to the 2012 season: "Kudos to Major League Baseball, because this reminds me of the NCAA Tournament; I don't think we've had so much energy or excitement at the end of a baseball season in my 17 or 18 years, so props to baseball. ... In my nine years here (in new York), I don't think we've ever been pushed to Game 162. It's been great, and like I said in Tampa earlier in September, this is going to be a blessing in disguise because we're going to have to play the type of baseball we need to play to win in October."

On his place in the Yankees lineup: “I still take my responsibility very seriously; any time you hit in the middle of a lineup, you have major responsibility, and you can never run away from that. But with that said, I will tell you that I don’t think one guy has to carry this team; we have a lineup that’s been built by Brian Cashman that has speed, can bunt, can hit the ball out of the ballpark, score from first on a double … we have a diverse offensive attack, and it resembles our 2009 team a little bit.”

To hear everything the Yankees third baseman had to say, you can watch his entire interview below: comments