Granderson leaves game, MRI negative

09/01/2012 3:08 PM ET
By Joe Auriemma

After the Yankees’ 4-3 win over the Orioles on Saturday, the big question was about the health of the Yankees’ slugging centerfielder Curtis Granderson, and whether the injury that sidelined him in the second inning was something to be concerned about. Well Yankee fans got the answer they were looking for when the precautionary MRI taken at New York Presbyterian Hospital was negative for significant damage. There were no signs of any tears, strains or muscular abnormalities.

“They said it was tendinitis where the bone and the joint meet, which causes that area to have tightness from just overuse,” Granderson said after the game. “Absolutely no strain, which was good to hear.”

Granderson went on to say, “The good thing is I didn't feel a pop or a snap or anything like that. Something just didn't feel right and to hear the results that they said it's day-to-day. And as soon as possibly as, probably not tomorrow, but it could possibly be, so that's really good.”

Joe Girardi said that they would have to evaluate Granderson’s condition on Sunday morning to see if he could play in the finale of the three-game Orioles set and that he would be a game time decision.

“I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. We'll have to see how he feels,” Girardi said. “He was honest today and Grandy really never says anything unless he really feels something. I'll just listen to him tomorrow and make a decision.”

Granderson told the media after the game that the injury occurred right at the outset of the game, on Granderson’s run out to his position.

“It actually started at the start of the game taking the field which is very interesting. My normal run out like I do every game. I felt something, so I was like OK,” Granderson said. “At first they were like play it smart, but the concern was if I did have to go, whether it be for a ball, or first to third, or score from first or out of the box hard, that would be the issue. Better to be safe than sorry and they decided to take me out after the at-bat.”

With all of the prolonged injuries the Yankees have dealt with this season to key players, this was good news all around for the team. The offense, which has been sputtering of late, could ill afford to lose Granderson's power for a long stretch of time. The question now becomes: How will his tendinitis affect his play on the turf in Tampa? This question may play into why Granderson may actually sit out tomorrow's game. The Yankees would want him fully healthy and ready to go to play on the hard turf with an extra days rest.

Whether it's Sunday, Monday or Tuesday for his return, Granderson will be back in the lineup very soon for the Yankees. comments