Wright's HR earns Seinfeld seal of approval

07/19/2012 12:48 PM ET
By Stephanie Jenks
Long-time New York Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld may not have physically been at Wednesday night’s Mets-Nationals game, but he still managed to make an appearance nonetheless.

In the ninth inning of the game at Nationals Park, David Wright hit a solo home run that sailed over the right-center field wall – just over an ad on the auxiliary scoreboard promoting re-runs of “Seinfeld” on Washington’s CW Network affiliate.

Upon seeing that, the comedian took to Twitter, saying “DW just hit it over my head!!!!!#lovemets.”

The comedian also expressed his relief that the ball soared over his electronic doppelganger, Tweeting “So glad it didn’t hit me! #nobartmanplease #mets.”

Unfortunately, Seinfeld’s reference was a bad luck charm for the Mets for the second time this season, as they eventually lost the game 4-3.

Yankees fans surely remember the first Seinfeld bad luck charm, which came during last month's Subway Series at Citi Field. After Mets pitcher Frank Francisco referred to the Yankees as “chickens,” the team had a chicken named “Little Jerry Seinfeld” (an homage to a similarly-named bird in an episode of “Seinfeld”) serve as its unofficial mascot for the series – but like Wednesday’s game, that went fowl for the Mets, as they were swept by the Bombers.

You can check out the video of Wright’s home run (and see Seinfeld’s smiling electronic face) below. comments