Yankees are MLB's most valuable franchise

07/17/2012 2:03 PM ET
By Stephanie Jenks
The New York Yankees are Major League Baseball’s Most Valuable Franchise, according to the annual Forbes survey that was released on Monday.

The Bronx Bombers are worth $1.85 billion according to Forbes, a value that makes them tops in MLB and ties them with the Dallas Cowboys as the Most Valuable Franchise in America; together, the Yankees and Cowboys sit tied for No. 3 overall behind European soccer powerhouses Manchester United and Real Madrid, who topped the list with values of $2.23 billion and $1.88 billion, respectively.

As far as leagues go, the NFL dominated the Top 50; all 32 of its franchises landed in the rankings, with the New York Giants ($1.3 billion) at No. 9 and the New York Jets ($1.23 billion) at No. 12.

MLB was second among leagues with seven franchises in the Top 50. The Los Angeles Dodgers are the National League’s “most worthy,” as their value of $1.4 billion ties them with the New England Patriots for No. 6 on the list, while the rival Boston Red Sox and their $1 billion value ranked them at No. 23, a spot they shared with the Carolina Panthers.

The Forbes Top 50 also includes the Chicago Cubs at No. 36 ($879 million), the Philadelphia Phillies at No. 48 ($723 million), the New York Mets at No. 49 ($719 million), and the Texas Rangers at No. 50 ($674 million).

The New York Knicks were the only other New York metro area team to make the list, as the James Dolan-owned cagers sat at No. 43 with a value of $780 million. comments