Nets working on third team in Howard deal

07/08/2012 6:15 PM ET

Reports state that the Nets are continuing their pursuit of Dwight Howard.(AP)

In tweets late Sunday afternoon, Ken Berger gave Nets fans hope that a deal for Dwight Howard might finally get done:

"Nets 'making progress' on finding a third team to take Kris Humphries in a scenario that would send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn, source says. One possible destination for Humphries is Cleveland, who would get the forward in a sign-and-trade arrangement, source says. Deal far from agreed to, but progress being made, source says."

The Nets need to find third party to take on Humphries because the Magic are not interested in acquiring him but his contract, signed and traded, is critical to getting the deal done.

According to various reports, the main pieces going to Orlando would be Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks and draft picks along with signed-and-traded expiring contracts of the Nets own free agents that could be used to balance the Nets taking on the Magic's least favorite contracts, those of Hedo Turkoglu and/or Jason Richardson.

Meanwhile, Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that Andrew Bynum, the Magic's primary target in a deal for Howard has told the Lakers he is not interested in Orlando:

"Without an extension with Lakers, Andrew Bynum has a short list of teams he will consider in 2013 free agency. Bynum has shown no inclination to agree to an immediate extension if sent to Orlando as part of a Dwight Howard package, sources tell Y! If Magic and Lakers want to do a deal, each may need to call the bluff on Howard and Bynum stated unwillingness to accept extensions."

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