Youkilis' brother bashes Boston on Twitter

06/25/2012 1:57 PM ET
By Stephanie Jenks

Kevin Youkilis was always a fan favorite in Boston, even as his relationship with new manager Bobby Valentine seemingly deteriorated to the point where a trade seemed imminent.

But as those trade talks heated up on Saturday and what would be the final hours of Youk’s Red Sox career ticked down, the Gold Glover’s brother decided the time was right to make known his disdain for Red Sox management and the situation in general – so Scott Youkilis took to Twitter to state his true feelings.

Bashing both Valentine and the city of Boston itself, Scott Youkilis unleashed a string of somewhat-vitriolic Tweets that included the following:

Love that #teamyouk may be changing sox real soon. #Chicago is better town anyways!

#whychicagoisbetterthanboston the worst Chicago deep dish is twice as good as any pie from the #northend

#whychicagoisbetterthanboston Al’s Beef

#whychicagoisbetterthanboston closer drive from Cincinnati

He even responded to someone Tweeting him a simple “sour grapes” comment by saying, “I wonder why? Bobby V is a joke.”

Kevin Youkilis was finally traded to the White Sox late Sunday, but despite the Twitter vitriol from his brother, a shrewd move by Valentine allowed the fans to show their love for “Youk” one last time near the end of that afternoon’s game against Atlanta.

Youkilis went 2-for-4 in his final Red Sox appearance, and after hitting a triple in the seventh inning, Valentine lifted him for a pinch-runner…and he promptly serenaded by a standing ovation from the crowd at Fenway Park as he ran back to the dugout.

And now, after a change of Sox, the saga is over. comments