Kenyan students re-enact Buckner's error

06/12/2012 12:29 PM ET
By Staff

It has been more than a quarter-century since Bill Buckner’s infamous error turned the tide of the 1986 World Series, but a group of students in Kenya have immortalized that iconic baseball moment on film once again.

Their video has made it to YouTube, and according to the description, was produced because the students wanted to make a film about a famous American sporting event. After seeing both of their finalists on tape, the group chose to re-enact both of Boston's miscues in the final moments of Game 6 – Bob Stanley’s wild pitch and Buckner’s error – over the “Music City Miracle” that propelled the Titans past the Bills in a January 2000 NFL playoff game.

The description also says the students are interested in making a second movie. No word on whether or not this video is Mookie Wilson-approved, but you can watch it for yourself below. comments