Florida Marlins attract 347 fans for game

08/25/2011 10:10 AM ET
By Ethan Hammerman

Sun Life Stadium on Wednesday (
It's no secret that the Florida Marlins have had persistent issues with attendance. They even had to close down their upper-deck seats for the remainder of this season due to a lack of interest. On Wednesday afternoon, their woes took yet another turn.

For their game against the Cincinnati Reds, visual evidence suggests only a few busloads of fans made it to Sun Life Stadium.

Marlins fan @790Justin counted 347 at the game. Other pictures show even less.

The Marlins can probably chalk up this low attendance to the fear instilled in Floridians by Hurricane Irene. Additionally, this game was originally unscheduled; it was moved up in the calendar from Thursday to ensure that the Marlins and Reds could play without fearing the storm.

Either way, as @790Justin ominously said on Twitter, this is "still not the smallest crowd I've seen here." comments