Watch history in the making

YES to air Yankees-Mariners LIVE in 3D July 10 and 11
06/29/2010 10:48 AM ET
By YES Network

Be sure to join the YES Network on July 10 and 11 for the historic opportunity to watch the Yankees in 3D! (YES)

On July 10 at 10 p.m. and July 11 at 4 p.m., the YES Network will present the first-ever Major League Baseball games to air LIVE in 3D when the New York Yankees face the Seattle Mariners.

Turn on your 3D TV, put on your 3D glasses and tune into your local cable or satellite provider's 3D channel to watch the magic of a live 3D broadcast as Yankees baseball action spills right into your living room. You were born to see the world in 3D and now the YES Network is delivering America's favorite pastime for two special nights of Yankees baseball in spectacular 3D TV!

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch television history. Call your cable or satellite provider for more information on their specific requirements for 3D viewing.

The future of TV is 3D -- and you can see it now on the YES Network.

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How is new 3D technology different today?
Most people are familiar with the old anaglyph method (utilized glasses with red and blue film), which offered a discolored and low-resolution picture. The new style 3D technology, which uses two different types of advanced glasses, results in a far clearer, full-color picture with a higher-resolution quality.

How is 3DTV different from 3D in the movies?
The main difference between 3D at home and 3D in the theaters is the size of the screen. One advantage of 3D at home is the amount of viewer control. Unlike at the cinema, you have complete control at home in terms of where you sit in relation to the screen.

Do I need a new TV?
Probably. Unless your home is already equipped with a "3D-ready" television set, you may need to purchase a new TV to watch 3D television. 3D television viewing requires a higher bandwidth signal, different video processing, and additional hardware, including some way to send the necessary signal to the 3D glasses. So it is likely that a new set will be required for you to be able to view 3D content.

Do I need a new cable box?
Check with your cable/satellite provider concerning your cable box. They can help you with any specific questions you may have about your current box and its 3D capabilities.

Do I need 3D glasses?
For the moment, yes. As of now, every person sitting around a 3D TV must be wearing glasses in order to see the 3D effect. If you are not wearing glasses, the image on the screen will appear generally unwatchable (doubled, distorted, etc.).

Can I get 3D on my usual HD channel?
Since 3D programming is so new the best advice is to check with your cable/satellite provider for the location and channel numbers of their current 3D programming.

Can the 3D feature on a 3D TV be turned off?
Probably. On most, new 3D TVs the 3D capability is a function that can simply be switched on and off as desired. So if you buy a 3D TV, you can still watch HD programming. Check with your TV manufacturer concerning its specific 3D/2D capabilities.

Where can I contact my cable/satellite provider about 3D TV?
Most distributors offer an online help page that answer questions involving 3D televisions. Technical support within the customer service department of the cable/satellite provider may also able to assist with 3D TV questions. comments