Summer, streaks and 'staches

The Yankee blogger shares his takes of the past week
05/29/2008 6:32 PM ET
By Glenn Giangrande / Special to

Jason Giambi's bat has been smoking recently.(AP)
What's up people!

Know what my favorite aspect of the summer is? Ice cream. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it until I started having it again recently. It started when I was at the diner on a late-night run with some of the guys a few weeks ago. I ordered a chocolate milk, and then a few minutes later I saw a waiter bringing someone else in the diner a root beer float.

"A ROOT BEER FLOAT," I exclaimed. "THAT'S THE MOVE!!!"

I've been on a big ice cream kick ever since. The other day after the Yankees' comeback win over the Royals, I went down the block, got myself a cup of strawberry shortcake, and ate it sitting at the beach down the block from my current residence. I couldn't think of a better way to spend some of my Memorial Day least one that didn't involve "extracurricular activities involving sports and bets." That's another story for another time though. To Yankeeland we go!

Hey! Look! A comeback win!
May 25 was a nice benchmark for the Yankees, as they rallied from a 4-2 deficit to beat the hapless Mariners, 6-5, in the Boogie Down. Sure they didn't exactly capitalize on the momentum by dropping the next two in Baltimore, but it was nice to see that kind of rally for a team that had been 0-23 when trailing through seven innings. I chalk a lot of it up to bad luck — most of the same pieces have been in place for a few years, although there are a couple of notable offensive players missing if you date back to 2004, the season in which it seemed like the Yanks could come back from ANY single-game deficit — most notably Gary Sheffield, but when he hasn't been on the disabled list this season, he's looked like a shell of his ferocious self in Detroit because of injuries. I think we'll see a few more wins like that one this season, regardless of whether or not the offensive roster gets shaken up.

Will Big Ben get the Erubiel Durazo treatment?
I speak of the newest member of the Yankee organization, Ben Broussard. The 31-year-old was signed recently to a Minor League deal and assigned to Triple A, where he promptly put up threes across the board in his first game: three hits, three doubles, three RBI and three runs scored. Do I see him coming up anytime soon? Maybe.

We've seen the Yankees stockpile veterans for depth purposes the past few years — Hideo Nomo, Erubiel Durazo, and Carlos Pena come to mind, though some people might only remember Pena...and not for what he did in the organization, but for three other reasons: he never got called up, he hit a big walk-off home run for his native Red Sox after he was cut loose, and then he "blossomed" into the hitter he had been expected to be with Tampa Bay. Of course, he's an average killer this year, but 40 home runs remain in reach. I compare him to Durazo, another signee who never saw pinstripes, because he's a veteran who is who he is, unlike Pena, who was still underdeveloped when he was under the Yankees' umbrella.

So will we see Broussard? If he tears it up at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, then yes. Wilson Betemit and Shelley Duncan should be on watch. Even though he's a lefty while Betemit and Duncan are switch and righty hitters, respectively, he's a first baseman by trade with a little bit of outfield experience. If he can be an upgrade at the plate, so be it.

The spot is hot, son!
I am officially adding the term "hot spot" to my list of phrases that sound good when they really aren't. When someone tells you a place is a "hot spot," that generally has a positive meaning. It's bumpin', lots of action going on. Another use comes when coffee places like Starbucks claim they are "hot spots" for wireless internet. Again, a positive meaning. But the term recently took on a negative connotation when Phil Hughes was said to have one in the area of his fractured rib — not a good thing. A couple of my other notable deceptive phrases are the words "points" and "draft."

A basketball team scores 85 points = good
A driver scores 85 points on their license = bad

A player is selected first in the NHL draft = good
A person is selected first in a military draft = bad

Big G in the House
I have to admit that I was skeptical about a potential resurgence for Jason Giambi early this season — he will henceforth be known as either G or Big G in this blog. I was foolish to think he wouldn't spring to life, as I was the YES fantasy baseball GM who had him during his FIRST resurgence in 2006. I picked him up while I was in Washington, D.C., after he put together a few nice games. He didn't do much right after, so I cut him. Now he's smokin' hot. Is it the facial hair as everyone likes to think? I'm not sure, but as he recently told our Kimberly Jones, "The 'stache isn't going anywhere for awhile." Whatever works for Big G works for me. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Owning Jay Bruce makes me feel better about cutting Giambi, but Ryan Howard's .206 batting average is an eyesore on my squad).

Light slate on my mind this go around, everyone — back next week!

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