Get your question answered by Joe Girardi

Do you have a question for the Yankees' manager? Email it over!
04/21/2008 6:45 PM ET

Joe Girardi watches his new team during spring training. (AP)
Yankees fans, there are many ways you can interact with your favorite team on this season, and now is your time to talk directly to the manager. Simply email your question to and you could be one of the lucky fans to have your question answered on the The Joe Girardi Show (please include your first name and hometown).

A new episode of The Joe Girardi Show, a weekly half-hour show presented in high-definition featuring first-year New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi, will premiere each Sunday during the season.

On his show, Girardi, a former Yankees analyst on YES, will discuss the overall state of the Yankees, review the team's previous performances, dissect its upcoming schedule and more.

"In his stints as a YES analyst, Joe proved to be very articulate, concise and analytical, traits which should make this a very informative and entertaining show," said John Filippelli, president, production and programming, the YES Network. "As the Yankees embark on the 'Joe Girardi Era,' this show will give Yankees fans a better understanding of Joe's managing style, his decision-making process, and his thoughts on the team and its competition." comments